• creative writing through the lens of creative writing
    • Kenneth Goldsmith
      • theories build on the notion of conceptual art and readymades
      • “I simply refer to myself as a word processor”
  • Defamiliarisation – “Making strange”
    • Russian constructivists
    • subvert of pervert meaning
  • “Detournement”
    • reassign meaning, take found things and use them differently so they become new experiences.
  • “Derive”
    • unplanned journey through a landscape
    • Guy Debord
  • Cut-ups, Burroughs – Brian Gysin, David Bowie
    • 1959 – montage collage technique, rearranging text from cut-outs from newspapers.
    • reassigning meaning
    • cut-ups from tape recorder to create new soundtrack of voices
    • David Bowie used the cut-up technique to create lyrics for his songs, often used diaries.
  • Deconstruction/decoding – Matt Siber
  • “Flarf”
  • “Alt-lit”
  • “Blackout poetry”
    • all influenced by Dadaist poetry
    • Concrete poetry – shape of text that creates the effect
  • “flarfists”
    • using Google search resulting in creation of poetry.




From Places to Non-Places (Marc Anges)


  • “Non-place” designates 2 complementary but distinct realities
    • spaces formed in relation to certain ends (transport, transit, commerce, leisure.)
    • the relations the individuals have with these spaces.
  • The link between individuals and their surroundings in the place of non-place is established through the mediation of words and text.
  • imaginary places: banal utopias, cliches (France – routes nationales)
    • big supermarket – silent dialogue between cardholder and cash dispenser.

“The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag 1959)


  • Hoag tells Randall to drive south and not to open his window under any circumstances, after giving him a roll of bills. “Under no circumstances!”
  • Things I don’t understand: Sons of the Bird? The Critics?
  • Is Hoag a “critic”?
  • Randall and Cynthia rolled down the window to notify the police of the “dead” Hoag, say enough to make them investigate but not enough to make them suspicious of them. They rolled down the window  because they “saw” a patrolman that they were going to talk to, rolled down the window to see nothing at all. No patrolman, no city, nothing but grey mist and fog.
  • There are no mirrors in their house, and something about how Randall has a beard…? He handcuffs Cynthia’s wrists to the bed every night…??

40 minutes on the Internet… “Uncreative Writing”

(taking bits and pieces of people’s tweets are creating a creative writing piece)

Twitter Bits.

Finally someone said it. I have so many friends but none of them care about how I feel. It’s fun to have a lot of people around you… but at the end of the day, I have no one.

I just died. But I’m so excited. This is serious business ye. Not a joke.The only thing that is real is today. right now. Everything else is a dream. whether it be yesterday or tomorrow. It’s horrible what happened, really. Everything is just terrifying at the moment. No.

How relaxed are you right now?

Is it friday yet? Poop backwards is poop.

What is god doing right now?

The fox says you’re going to die alone.

Don’t send nudes…send X-rays its whats inside that counts.

What do you want?I wouldn’t think twice.

My diet starts on monday…CHOCOLATE!!!!!

When someone touches my neck…

Taking a nap is a constant risk…when will I wake up? 30 minutes? 6 hours? 10 years?

Oh behave! So shut the fuck up already.

If Jesus could walk on water and humans are 78% water….If I walk on someone, am I 78% Jesus? If women belong in the kitchen, who cleans the rest of the house? If practice makes perfect, but nobody’s perfect, what’s the point of practicing?

Chocolate waffles. Peanut butter ice cream brownie. Warm & crispy mozzarella sticks. Chocolate lasagna. Garlic cheese pull-apart bread. S’more pizza. You’re welcome.

Cats are douchebags. So hows life?

Write-Up about Group Project for Presentation

When exploring the area of Hoxton, we came across a shoe store called “Anna Shoes ltd.” It was in dire need of help; there were no customers, the shoe designs themselves were lacking in a fashionable sense, and the overall display of the shoes look overwhelming for potential customers. Toby, the store owner, told us about how the shop has been in business for 20 years. He also mentioned that all the shoes are made by Italian designers, so they are of high-quality (despite the cheap garish look). We asked about the demographic, about what type of customers buy the shoes – only to find out the shop attracts one demographic… African women over the age of 40 who are planning on attending African Weddings.

We decided as a group this is what we would focus on – the target audience. How can we change the demographic of African women who attend African Weddings into, for example, a group of university students ranging from the age of 21-25 who are walking on the streets of Shoreditch on a normal day? Widening the targeted audience would bring more customers and money to the business.

When first stumbling upon the store, we couldn’t help but notice the lack of advertising in the shop windows or surrounding area. By splitting this project into two phases; creating advertisements and the intervention, we can fulfill the requirements of the project brief: a design intervention.

After buying a pair of sandals from Toby, we held a photo shoot to create multiple posters with different designs. Thinking about what sort of objects would attract a younger demographic, we pulled together an array of objects such as, different types of fruits, plastic jewels, colourful tinsel, pom poms, bright boxes, tin foil, and other shiny materials. Following the photo shoot, we headed back to Shoreditch to interview the public about the posters we created. Had we fulfilled our purpose of creating an atmosphere for the shoes that was geared more towards a younger range of women? We targeted store owners from the BoxPark to conduct our interviews on, we thought that interviewing competing retail shops would be a good idea. Receiving positive feedback, it’s time to think about phase two: the intervention.

For our final outcome, we had the idea of taking the designed posters that we have now, print them bigger (possibly A2). Using these big printed posters, we will hang them at the store as well as around general area of the shop. We had the idea of making an installation using the posters, so we would ask about 20 people to volunteer to hold up the posters along the same road “Anna Shoes ltd” is, sort of leading potential customers to the store, sort of a dot-to-dot connection for customers to be led into the shoe store.

Crimes Against Design

Just as an intro, for our Tuesday studio class we are doing a group project where we must be “intervening” with the public by the ways of design. Sophie and Roma are in my group!!!

It’s a bit hard to keep with with this blog, my personal blog, and the group blog that we created specifically for the “Crimes Against Design” project. We created a group blog for this project because we thought it would be easier to combine and see all of our ideas in one blog, one creative space.

Rather than updating both this blog and the group blog about the group project, I will post the link to our tumblr site below so you can look at our progress there!!